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Nevskaya Overture, 180 wooden puzzles


Nevskaya Overture, 180 wooden puzzles


Nevskaya Overture, 180 wooden puzzles

180 wooden puzzles
Artist: Sergey Frolakov. canvas, oil. 2011.
The size of the assembled puzzle:  312 х 244 mm

A phantasmagoric storyline in an eerie set! The entrance to the otherworldly worlds opens in St. Petersburg, among the recognizable figures - winged lions, sphinxes, lanterns of the Summer Garden. Around - fire-breathing fish, sunken ships, gnarled little men, a cannon ready for battle. And in the center of the cut, the main event unfolds - the terrible battle between King Kong and Godzilla! The puzzle is crowned with Rostral columns, St. Isaac's Cathedral, drawbridges, the entrance arch and the domes of the Kazan Cathedral. The details connect the original hooks in the form of flags and flags of different shapes.

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Social & Environmental Responsibility

All its life, wood has been accumulating sunlight, and if you look closely at the cut, you can see the very shades of yellow and orange that we see when looking at the sun.

Therefore, wooden puzzles are so nice to hold in your hands: they have an amazing texture that pleases the eye and gives a feeling of sun warmth.

We understand that wood is a very valuable natural material, therefore we try to have a minimal impact on the environment and have been cooperating with WWF since 2019.

Only non-toxic materials are used in the manufacture of DaVICI wooden puzzles - FSC certified premium wood and paper.

You’ll enjoy displaying the puzzle box as much as you enjoy assembling the puzzle because of its high quality box with magnetic closure.