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Become a partner

Become a partner of the first legendary wooden puzzles DAVICI


✔ A new trend in the global industry of gifts, board games and family entertainment.

✔ Author's patented technology for the production of wooden puzzles.

Start earning from 7 dollars and more for the sale of one set tomorrow!

DAVICI - exclusive premium wooden puzzle sets that are mesmerizing from the first touch. The assembled puzzle is a handwritten painting of the artist - a real work of art.   
Each set contains stories within the recognizable puzzle pieces: heroes of works of art, animals, fantastic creatures, cities and planets. All details are unique and do not repeat themselves.

45% of buyers make a second purchase within a month.
Thousands of DaVICI fans recommend - the reviews about our puzzles are not just positive, they are enthusiastic - after purchasing one puzzle, most of our clients become our adherents.


The most effective tools for a partnership.

  • Demo samples on tablets and promotional kits which come with the first order.
  • Release of new products every month.
  • Promotions for end customers - discounts, gifts, bonuses.
  • Accompaniment by a personal manager at all stages.
  • Branded sales counters and showcases.
  • Ready-made solutions for individuals.
Convenient terms for partnership.
    • Minimum order from 400 dollars 
    • The delivery options vary in terms of costs and time - various delivery options in terms of cost
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We invite you to cooperate with shops and online stores of the following areas: board games, gifts and souvenirs, educational games, goods for children, handicrafts and hobbies, goods for home and leisure.

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